Nope, Public History

Welcome to Old Fossils! Probably the most exciting blog you will ever read (particularly if you’ve never read a blog before and intend to never read one again after this).

Firstly, because I know you’re wondering, why is the blog titled Old Fossils? This is why. That’s right! The title is a Star Wars reference, as most good blog titles are.

But I should clarify, this blog is not about Star Wars (that would be fun though). It’s not even about lumberjacks in the PNW cutting trees in half with only an axe and a glorious beard, as the header image would suggest.

Clarification note: I did use only an axe to cut that tree in half, no saws allowed. But I didn’t have a beard at the time and I don’t have one now, but I have had one.

Nope, this blog is about history. Public History. It was created for my #EWUHIST390 class. Required blogs about public history can still be fun though, right?


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